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After Global Pandemic, many of our references/cooperations around the world, started to look for a new path to get their trainings, mixed with Old School and Innovative Model.


Happy to announce "New 1-to-1 Model for Course Deliveries"




Our purpose as a global learning partner is to enable the success of individuals, teams, and organizations with high-quality, long-lasting performance results.  We believe that continuous learning and adapting are perhaps the most vital skills in a forever changing world.  Learning is a way to ‘future-proof’ ourselves – through building resilience, acquiring knowledge and practicing new skills.  When we approach learning with an open mindset, the possibilities are endless. 


New 1 to 1 Course Delivery Model

Global Pandemic, forced us to change the game of delivery method of the IT and Non-IT Courses. During the lock-downs we received several demand on private and tailor-made courses, from both Individuals and Corporate Companies. 



We wanted to develop a new `1 on 1 Training Model`, which is already being used on sports such as Workouts, Pilates, Basketball, Soccer etc.  We decided to launch a Personal Training for IT and Non-IT Courses, within the world.



our Business Development Department worked hard within 2020 and 2021

@ 2022 we launched "One of the largest 1-to-1 Courses Model" 


Ozcan Yildiz


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