EXIN DevOps Master is an advanced-level certification that tests candidates on their ability to develop and maintain sustainable work practices. It enables them to introduce and promote DevOps in their organization in order to better manage application and service life cycles whilst facilitating collaborative teamwork.

Who Should Attend

  • DevOps is primarily associated with software development but its principles are increasingly applied to other projects and processes. This makes the DevOps Master certification interesting to IT professionals who wish to extend their knowledge to cover the latest developments in IT management. Application developers, product owners, Agile Scrum masters, project managers, test managers and IT service managers would all benefit from this certification.

Course Content

  • DevOps adoption
  • Planning, requirements, and design
  • Development and deployment
  • Operation and scaling
  • End-of-life

Frequently Asked Questions

"EXIN DevOps Master Course" trainings are given in ("Group - One to one") two different  ways.
The one-to-one tuition fee is 0 $.

"EXIN DevOps Master Course" trainings are given in two different ways.

The tuition fee as a group is 0 $. To create a group, you must be at least  3 people.
The one-to-one tuition fee is 0 $.

Our "EXIN DevOps Master Course" trainings are one-to-one 2 days,

Our "EXIN DevOps Master Course" trainings are group 0 days,


Exam & Certification

Participation Certificate

All trainees who participate in training will have an AcademyTech participation certificate.

Exam & Certification


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